Lawn & Garden Equipment for Rent

Your yard can really improve the value and style of your home. Our lawn and garden tools and equipment will have you spruced up in no time.

Remember if you can't haul it, we'll do it for you!




Classen CA-18H Compact Aerator

Improve soil drainage and reduce build-up with this Classen CA-18H Compact Aerator. Aerating your lawn can keep it healthy and looking lush all season long. Aerate up to a half acre per hour with the 17.5 inch aerating width and a 118cc Honda GX120 engine to get your job done quickly. Self-propelled technology allows you to maneuver effortlessly on hills, slopes, and around obstacles while lessening operator fatigue. Add two 36 lbs. weights for a more efficient aeration or remove them to make transportation easier. And a folding handle offers compact storage and convenient transportation.


  • Productivity: A half-acre per hour can be aerated with the 18-inch width.
  • Transportation & Storage: Fold the handle for compact storage and use the four lifting handles for easy transportation.
  • Self-Propelled: Improve maneuverability on hills, slopes, and around obstacles and lessen operator fatigue with the self-propelled technology.
  • Heavy-Duty Ball Bearings: Optimal performance and durability is offered with the heavy-duty sealed ball bearings.
  • Tire Bumpers: Wheels are protected from damage and soil build up with the tire scrapes/bumpers.
  • Operator Controls: Located on the handle for operator convenience.
  • Removable Weights: Two 36 lb. weights can be added for a more efficient aeration and can be removed for easy transportation.


Blowers, Vacuums, & Brooms

  • Hand Held Blower – Gas and Electric
  • Back Pack Blower – Gas
  • Power Broom with Paddles
  • Lawn Vacuum


Branch Chippers

  • 2 in Maximum Capacity
  • 4 in Maximum Capacity
  • 6 in Maximum Capacity


Chain Saws & Hedge Trimmers

  • 16 in Electric Chain Saw
  • 14 in Gas Chain Saw
  • 16 in Gas Chain Saw
  • 18 in Gas Chain Saw
  • 20 in Gas Chain Saw
  • 24 in Gas Chain Saw
  • Pole Prunner – 12 ft – Chain Saw on a Pole
  • 16 in Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • 30 in Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • 24 in Gas Hedge Trimmer
  • 20 in Hedge Trimmer on a Pole


Lawn/Field Mowers & Trimmers

  • Rough Terrain Tall Grass and Weed Mower
  • Tall Grass and Weed Mower
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lawn Edger Gas and Electric Weed Eaters